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Customized video hosting made simple

videopage7 is an easy way for professionals and businesses to manage and show promotional videos about products, sales pitches, news and much more. Interact with prospective clients around the globe, generate leads and get instant feedback in a message board you control. Your page has a separate subdomain which you can brand.


  • Enhance your web presence and SEO
    Host your own network marketing webinars and vlogs and give yourself a real web presence to enhance your google ranking and making it easier for clients to find you.
  • Live message boards
    Interact directly with prospects and existing clients for instant constructive feedback via live message boards.
  • Seperate sub domain
    Your separate sub domain allows you to brand your video page with your name for example for even more professionalism and your name ranking on google is higher and even easier to find for members or prospective clients.

Present all your videos in one place without the distractions that come from using a larger video hosting platform.

Branding your own sub domain makes it easier for customers to find you and your products on the web.

Reach out to your customers using the power of video and get instant feedback through an integrated message board.