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Tailor-make pages to suit each customer

Create perfect landing pages in no time. Pre-design a complete pool of different landing pages, so that you always have a suitable page on hand for every conceivable target group that steer your targeted customers to your website. Generate leads for your sales campaigns with an integrated contact form template, which lets you complete the lead generation path from the landing page creation phase to email follow-ups.

Maximise your marketing

See in your dashboard who's viewed your promopage already and identify potential customers then follow up with other appropriate promotional activities. Extensive analysis tools help you optimize your marketing activities and professionalizes your sales pitch in no time.

"Through using promopage7, I can adjust much better to my clients. If I find out in the first week that the prospect is Interested in luxury real estate, I do not bore him with small apartments. I just send him a promo page on which I have already put three top villas to choose from. The customer can contact me directly from the site and I know immediately whether he is interested."

"I'm a photographer, mostly for weddings, and I am also active as a baby photographer . I used to have my photos spread haphazardly across my website. I never knew how that was met by my clients. Now I send out individual pages that appeal to target audiences and can be sure that I show customers what they are interested in."

"The time when you have the soup of the day still written with chalk on a blackboard in front of the pub, are finally over for me, since I use promopage7. I consider myself to be relatively modern, but always had reservations about using new technology and the Internet. The program is so intuitive that even I can do it with just a few clicks and post appealing menus and specials on facebook."