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Building a better world together

Financial success through partnership-marketing. Our partnership-marketing is unique, fair and built on mutual trust. With us there are no clients only Partners. We work with you to build a strong network to distribute top quality software. Set up your own business. No matter where you are, on which continent you live, or what your background is. An Internet connection is all that is needed.

Become a partner

Our software products will build your road to success!

BONOFA AG develops innovative IT and software products that are exclusively distributed online by you in a network. Products which you help build and then proudly present to the world. With cube7, BONOFA AG has developed a revolutionary social media platform unlike any other.

Don’t be left behind!

A new Internet era has begun – with never before seen earning potential. Be a part of the next generation of Internet pioneers! Achieve your dreams. Make the world a better place! Start a new career – the choice is yours. The pioneering and innovative spirit of BONOFA is making big changes in the international Internet landscape. Use this unique opportunity!

Make history hand-in-hand with us!

BONOFA building a better tomorrow – 

We offer you the very best twenty-first century software products TODAY so you can live up to your full potential TOMORROW. With our unique cube7 social media platform we will revolutionize the web. Here anyone can earn by simply doing what they have done on other platforms for free. Post, update, play your way to financial freedom. BONOFA distributes innovative products making the world your marketplace and the web your showroom.

BONOFA building a secure global family

BONOFA challenges the idea that where you are, who you are or what language you speak should not determine your life. BONOFA wants you to grow and earn as a person within a global community with a sales network you build. cube7 offers you the chance you never had before. Combine your business profile with your private and earn passive income with every transaction from each person you invite giving you and your loved ones financial security.

BONOFA challenging the status quo

The key to success is to challenge the status quo. We are unique because we give you marketing tools as innovative as your thinking and so user-friendly that everyone can use them. Become a professional marketer with just a few mouse clicks and build your own network business with our help. We have placed a unique selection of promotional tools in our Marketing Headquarters to simplify your work. Click your way to a more professional network.