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Send files at the speed of light.

The high speed train of the World Wide Web. Friends, colleagues, partners or family can send and receive up to 10GB of large files at lightning speed. Reach as many people as you want with just a few clicks – and give your uploads and data transfers your own personal touch – with personalized background images and videos for your recipients.


  • transmit7 users send up to 10 gigabytes with one upload! Test it free, simple and without registration.
  • It couldn’t be more user-friendly – select a file and then drag and drop it to the upload field, enter as many email addresses as you like and click “send”.
  • You can add a personal message to accompany the data transfer or depending on your package choose to include your company logo or signature.

transmit7 is a free of charge online service for sharing your files around the world. No matter what file type it is, upload your files safely onto our server, type in a receiving address and send a download link via email. Save money and time!

To ensure the safety of your files they will be automatically deleted by our system. Re-uploads are possible at any time! Thanks to the ease of use with transmit7 you will save time and money and you will have fun sharing your own ideas.

Up to 10 GBs of files permanently on our servers until they decide to delete them respectively when their account expires. Intuitive, secure and free of charge. With only a few mouse clicks you are able to share your ideas around the world thanks to transmit7.