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The courage of reinvention meets experience

Building a new global family

Much like a traditional family the BONOFA founders define who we are and with their business strategies and products they are giving you the means to control your own lives.

Based in Liechtenstein at the crossroads of Europe. What better place to have the head office for such a multinational company with offices worldwide in Germany, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Cyprus, Lebanon and India.

Thomas Kulla
CEO & Founder
Detlef Tilgenkamp
Founder & Board Member
Martin Böhm
Founder & Board Member

A vision as unique as the brave new world of today!

Unique partnership model

When the successful entrepreneurs Detlef Tilgenkamp and Thomas Kulla met, their biggest common goal was, and still remains today, to change the world for the better, to break down barriers in the established business world and give everyone the same opportunities they were able to make for themselves.

They looked at the future of the business world and saw the Internet as the world’s biggest untapped marketplace. All they needed was an extra spark of genius to fit their courage of reinvention and business genius.

They found this in the third and youngest founder of BONOFA, Martin Böhm. He came on board and gave the international start up in 2011 the innovative drive necessary to cut a path, which most companies find impossible, that is to do today what most are not thinking of until tomorrow. As the mastermind and lead developer, Martin Böhm is responsible for the worldwide expansion of BONOFA’s ground breaking web communication products.